A brief history of Zalkerveer & Theehuis

When the old ferryman decided to retire in 1996, the ferry between Zalk and ’s-Heerenbroek – Zalkerveer in Dutch – was threatened with closure. Stichting Philadelphia Zorg, a large institution for handicapped people, continued the centuries old ferry connection by transforming the Zalkerveer into a project with mentally handicapped people.

A yellow motorboat with cabin replaced the old rowing boat. This motorboat was named Kleine Veer 2 (‘Small Ferry 2’) by analogy with ‘Small Ferry 1’ that connects the southern suburbs of Zwolle with the historical village of Hattem on the other side of the IJssel. At November 11 in 1996 the Dutch Minister of Transport and Public Works gave green light for the construction of the Theehuis (teahouse).

After several years of increasing amounts of passengers, the harbour in ’s-Heerenbroek was drastically modernized. A floating quay was constructed in order to make it possible for people to cross the river at higher water levels. Two years later, in 2006, the new blue ferryboat was put into service, enabling wheelchair and scoot mobile users to embark the ferry as well.