Ferry (Zalkerveer)

The Zalkerveer is an important ferry connection crossing the IJssel, exactly halfway the dikes between Kampen and Zwolle (the major cities in the area). During winter, the Zalkerveer is out of service. Our clients maintain the ferryboat and repaint it for the upcoming season at a nearby shipyard.

Next to a few national trails and cycling routes coming past, many routes use the ferry as a shortcut. However, several new routes that especially pass the Zalkerveer & Theehuis have been developed as well. Since a few years the Province of Overijssel introduced a bicycle junction network in this IJsseldelta-area (fietsknooppuntennetwerk in Dutch)to give you the opportunity to create your own route by cycling from junction to junction. Zalkerveer & Theehuis became junction number 3. Beware of the fact that the Province of Gelderland, just a few miles to the south, has a similar bicycle junction network. There the same numbers are used for different places. For more information on this, visit the local tourism office (VVV) or go to http://www.vvvijsseldelta.nl/en