Tearoom (Theehuis)

The Theehuis is situated perfectly for a moment of relaxation. From the outdoor terrace you have an extraordinary view across the IJssel and its lovely banks. Our employees serve a variety of coffee, tea and soft drinks. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to taste our delicious homemade apple pie or almond paste cakes (so-called gevulde koeken meaning ‘filled cakes’). Prefer to lunch? Then we recommend our homemade toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. Prepacked ice cream and ice lollies are obtainable as well. The four leaded windows in the ceiling finally create an atmosphere resembling that of a traditional pub.

The homemade products are made daily in our professional kitchen, which meets all hygiene and food safety requirements. Moreover, our employees make several absolutely delicious main dish soups, like French onion soup and Hungarian goulash soup. During winter, almost 1500 litres of our well-known pea soup is made. These soups are only seasonally obtainable.

Although the Zalkerveer (ferry) is out of service during winter, the Theehuis is open all year. The IJssel, its banks and the surrounding area are beautiful in winter. Sometimes it appears very lovely, for instance when snow is covering the banks and the dike. But it can be amazingly rough as well: when the waves of the river are high and a dense fog rises up from the warm water of the IJssel.